This is an ongoing compilation of resources available to students and professors at the University of Memphis. Read more about the purpose at

Please note: this list is a work in progress. There are many more university resources available to students. To add to the list, please email your suggestions to


The List

(updated April 2, 2019)


Free 24/7 Online Tutoring


Campus Food Locations and Hours



  • A host of useful computer programs including Adobe Creative Cloud (Photoshop, Illustrator, etc), Microsoft Office (Word, Powerpoint, Excel, etc), many useful engineering programs, and more.
  • Access it here with your student login (same as my.memphis login).


University of Memphis Web Directory (shows all pages of, useful for finding resources)


McWherter Library/the Sandbox Workspaces (reserve via

  • *Two 3D printers on 1st floor
  • Film screening center (capacity 6)
  • MIDI keyboard
  • Workshop space (capacity 11) (to teach a workshop or demo)
  • *Presentation practice studio (capacity 2) (contains a computer, an adjustable podium, a dry erase board and markers, a projector screen, a variety of backdrops, and a range of lighting options)
  • Audio studio (3rd Floor)
  • Sewing machine Brother ST371HDT

*Requires certification to use

McWherter Library/the Sandbox Technology Rentals (FREE)

(Checkout times vary. Reserve at:

  • Cameras:
    • Flip Ultra HD Small camera for easy video recording. Up to 2 hours of battery life. Plugs into a USB port.
    • GoPro Hero 3+
    • GoPro Sessions
    • Canon Rebel T6
    • 2 Canon Rebel DSLR camera. 2 different lenses (18-55 mm, 75-300 mm). USB cord and battery charger.SD card not provided.
  • Projectors:
    • Piko Pocket Projector 3 portable projectors.
    • Magnasonic Pocket Projector 1 portable projector.
    • Optoma Large Projector 1 full-size projector. Requires cord power to run. VGA + HDMI cords, remote included.
    • Laser Pointer + Clickers 4 laser pointer + clickers
  • Microphones, Audio Recorders, and Headphones:
    • Condenser Microphone 1 condenser microphone. 4 hour checkout
    • Zoom Audio Recorders
    • 2 portable audio recording devices. Charging device included. SD card not included. 3 day checkout
    • Digital Voice Recorders 2 portable audio recording devices. Holds up to 8 GB. 4 hour checkout
    • Sound-Reducing Earmuffs 4 earmuffs to help muffle sound.   4 hour checkout
    • Headphones 8 over-the-ear headphones with microphone attached with aux plug.
    • 4 Bluetooth Headphones (only compatible with computers)
  • 2 Wacom Intuos digital art tablets.
  • Dell Laptops 20 Dell Latitude Laptops.
  • Makerbot Extruders Filament extruders needed to reserve the 3D printers.
  • MIDI Piano Keyboard Alesis 49-key keyboard.          3 day checkout
  • Utopia 360* VR Headsets 3 VR headsets.            3 day checkout
  • TheEyeTribe Eye Trackers 2 eye trackers.
  • Leap Motion Controllers 2 motion controllers.
  • Chargers + Cables:
    • Dell and Apple Laptop Chargers, Apple Lightning Chargers, HDMI Cables, VGA Cables, USB-C Cords, Wall outlet USB plugs, HooToo USB-C Converters
  • 6 TI-84s, 3 TI-89s
  • Makey Makey Kits 2 invention kits for beginners.
  • Weller Soldering Kits Solders are not included, but solders are available at Home Depot.
  • Jameco Breadboards 3 breadboards.
  • Extech Multimeters 3 multimeters to test voltage.
  • Microsoft Bands 6 Microsoft bands in different sizes.
  • Xbox One
  • Wii U

Sandbox Online Creation and Resources 

Access here

  • the sandbox. YouTube Playlist UofM created tutorials for the sandbox. spaces and tech.
  • UofM OneDrive Save your project! Use free cloud storage through your UofM email.
  • Canva Graphic design creator.
  • Piktochart Graphic design and chart creation tool. Create charts with excel-like tables.
  • Prezi Dynamic presentation creator.
  • Pixlr Photo editor.
  • Kahoot Quiz game creator.
  • Moovly Online movie animator.
  • Onshape CAD creator.
  • Tinkercad CAD system.
  • Makerbot apps 3D printer apps (Makerbot Print, Mobile).
  • Makerbot Desktop download Download Makerbot Desktop to your personal computer.
  • Thingiverse Download free ready-made 3D printer files to print.