This page intends to give a general overview of some of the specific research initiatives the Stellar Genesis community is developing. Neither this page nor the research initiative pages are intended to be comprehensive.

Please note: several of the following pages are password-protected. Please contact admin via the Join tab if you would like to know more about or be involved in a research initiative and gain access to the page.


Administration: continual administrative development of the organizational structure of Stellar Genesis to maximize efficiency, transparency, collaboration, and forward momentum

Blue2Orange: development of supportive technologies for Mars colonization

CleanUpSpace: sister-site initiative to provide information about the dangers of space debris and to seek sustainable solutions for cleaning it up

DataFromDust: development of a small scientific instrument payload to be sent to the lunar surface along with NASA’s lunar lander

EasySat: development of cube satellites which will hitch free rides into space to conduct informative experiments

Funding: a discussion forum for Stellar Genesis funding sources including grants, partnerships, donations, crowd-funding, and other means

ISSaveresearch into potential methods for affordably saving or salvaging the International Space Station, which is scheduled to be decommissioned in 2025

LifeSystemsa bioastronautical re-engineering of existing life support systems and space habitats to provide a greater level of safety and sustainability

MoonTaxidevelopment of a reusable crew and cargo transport system between the lunar surface and Lunar Orbital Platform Gateway (LOP-G)

NanoFiberan initiative to research the various benefits of nanofiber structures in astronautics materials and in tissue engineering applications

SGeN: the Space Generation Network, a dedicated app and website platform through which individuals can directly collaborate with each other on space technology development projects



MoonTaxi: Space Systems Design proposal is due to A.I.A.A May 10, 2019

NanoFiber: NASA’s Vascular Tissue Challenge is due September 30, 2019

DataFromDust initial proposal must be sent to NASA by November 2019.

SpaceX has a tentative schedule of launching a supply mission to Mars in 2022. Any Blue2Orange technologies seeking to be on it will likely need to be completed by 2021.

ISSave: The ISS is scheduled to be decommissioned in 2025.

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