Welcome to the Stellar Genesis Beta!

StellarGenesis.com has officially entered its beta-testing phase. Now that the site is visible to the public, we will work together as a community to decide which social media software will be most effective for our goals.

This software will appear under our “Connect” tab and lies at the heart of what will drive Stellar Genesis to stardom.

No, we will not just be using Facebook because the vision of Stellar Genesis is to create an independent space-centered community with room to expand.

For initial testing purposes, we will be using the free version of JCow. Please check it out and also take a look at the paid version demo. If we decide to go this route, we will crowdfund to purchase the software. Please also take a look at the alternatives.

Be aware that the initial version of our site is small, but we hope to expand it to include pages for space news, resources, crowdfunding, photo galleries, and more. All suggestions are welcome and may be entered by commenting on the site, adding to the discussion on JCow, or emailing the site admin via the “Contact” tab.

Thank you to everyone in advance. Let’s get this thing off the ground!

– M. R. Robinson

UPDATE (10.6.16): We are currently considering using Buddypress as our social CMS. Check it out and let us know what you think. If you check out the sidebar, you will see an option to “Register”. Do this to create a Buddypress account and let us know what you think!